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This is what you need to do in order to fix the time when booting in Mac OS: 1. Create new file /sbin/localtime-toggle with the following contents: #!/bin/sh to_utc() { echo “localtime-toggle: Toggling to UTC.” date -f %m%d%H%M%Y `date -u +%m%d%H%M%Y` } to_localtime() { echo “localtime-toggle: Toggling to localtime.” date -u -f %m%d%H%M%Y `date +%m%d%H%M%Y` } trap… Read Article →

Did you recently installed Windows 7 on your Mac Book Pro and experience problems while watching movies or YouTube videos? This problem is comming from your audio drivers. It seems that whenever you play something on your laptop and because the microphone is always open your sound card is trying to eliminate noise and this causes… Read Article →

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