Recently I had a project that required to track events happening within the business layer and could not be tracked using JavaScript from the client. To do this a helper class was required in order to communicate with Google Analytics and track those extra events. Below you will find that class that can be used to do… Read Article →

A general problem that I recently encountered for the second time is an Umbraco site not being able to generate any page without displaying an error or timeout. After examining the log (umbracoLog table on SQL server) you will see the error below: Error Republishing: System.Xml.XmlException: ‘’, hexadecimal value 0x1F, is an invalid character. Line 1,… Read Article →

Recently I changed the name of my SQL Server computer from the generic one given by the Windows installation to ‘SERVER’. In the beggining there was no apparent problem in the connections since I used IP addresses. After a while I wanted to use Replication and tried to create an SQL Server Publication only to… Read Article →

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