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Proud programmer and roboticist, Spyros is the youngest of the bunch.

He has a soft spot for code and does whatever it takes to perfect each and every line. He’s an enthusiastic fan of Visual Studio while he shrugs away from creating HTML templates out of fear of brain damage. He frequently accompanies Gio on his cycling escapades and is known to party hard.

You can find more details about be from my Curriculum vitae.


  1. Hello,
    Has anyone tested your Smartermail transfer program in Smartermail version 11?

  2. Can’t get a proper install. When running the program it generates an error as “There is no endpoint listening at http://mail.warnertech.netsvcdomainadmin.asmx/ that could accept the message.”

    Running on a Windows 8.1 1 yr. old Asus Laptop. Mail server is remote.

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

    Thank you, Harry

  3. Thank you, Thank you. Works like a charm.


  4. Is there a way for a non programmer to get around a “The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded.” error. The program is working with most clients but this one has 308 users.

    Thanks, Harry

  5. I tried sending a message through contact but I keep getting error message failed to send, so I will ask the question here.

    Any plans for SmarterMail 15 support? SM changed their interface where no admins can view passwords any longer so support calls will take considerably longer because of this. I just want to plan for when our time comes to upgrade.


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