SmarterMail Users/Aliases Transfer v1.0

This tool will allow you to transfer/migrate all users and aliases from one domain to another. The to domains can be either on the same server or on separate ones.

It can also be used to transfer/migrate all the email accounts when you move from one server provider to another. Very useful in case you decide to move to a different provider.

!!! NOTE !!!
This utility will only transfer the user accounts from one server to the other. Emails, Contacts and everything else for each individual account will not be copied!

EUR 9.99 / Download

Tested on:

  • SmarterMail Ver. 5.5
  • SmarterMail Ver. 6.8
  • SmarterMail Ver. 7
  • SmarterMail Ver. 8
  • SmarterMail Ver. 9
  • SmarterMail Ver. 12 (Needs server administrator credentials)
  • SmarterMail Ver. 13 (Needs server administrator credentials)
  • SmarterMail Ver. 14 (Needs server administrator credentials)


  1. Has anyone tried this using Smartermail version 11??

    • It should work just fine! Let me know if you have any issues…

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