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Recently I changed the name of my SQL Server computer from the generic one given by the Windows installation to ‘SERVER’. In the beggining there was no apparent problem in the connections since I used IP addresses. After a while I wanted to use Replication and tried to create an SQL Server Publication only to… Read Article →

Recently I found a package that would help people that want to separate content of their site depending on the geografical location. It will allow you to distinguise your visitors location and therefore the content they will see. It can be user to differentiate or hide content depending on the users location.Let’s for example say… Read Article →

I believe you all know dropbox and most of you i’m sure are using it as a free account. Now there is a chance to win a Pro subscription for life!!! All you have to do is enter your email at the contest below… (Expires 10/13/2011) Good luck to you all…

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