Windows Live Messenger on Windows XP x64

Today I lost about 2 hours trying to find a way to run the latest Messenger version on my Windows XP 64bit installation since the old version i had (8.5) stopped working for no apparent reason. It seems that Microsoft stopped the support for 8.5 clients (I was prompt to update and could not log in). After searching on google i managed to find an MSI with the latest windows live version and installed it but still I could not log in and got a weird error. Searching a bit more i found out that you have to also install another MSI provided by Microsoft called Contacts-ship-neutral. After that everything works as a charm! So to sum up here is what you need in order to run Windows Messenger Live (14.0.80889.726) on Windows XP 64bit:

  1. Download and install the latest Microsoft Windows Live Messenger version in MSI form (.msi)
  2. Download and install from Microsoft

I hope I’ll same some of you a lot of time searching for a solution!

To save you some extra time here is a link to download those files…

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